Role: UX / Ui Designer
Tools: Adobe XD & Figma
Date: 1/2020-4/2021


Actio is a live coaching app that helps people create and sustain new routines in various fields, such as yoga, fitness and meditation. As a freelance UX/UI designer and illustrator, I collaborated with the actio team to design and develop different features.The app is designed to help users create and maintain healthy habits through daily sessions. It offers a variety of courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, and the user can track their progress through the app's features.

I collaborated with the team to design and develop features, including the Statistics screen and Transfer Account feature.

Statistics screen

Part 1: We show the user's current and longest streak.
Part 2: In the section titled 'YOUR LAST 7 SESSIONS,' the user can see which classes he completed and which courses he missed or couldn't finish.
Part 3: In 'YOUR LAST 28 DAYS,' the user can compare his activities to the month before. For example, you can see in the wireframe that the user had three more classes than in the previous 28 days. With the help of the spider graph, the user gets a better understanding of the results and benefits of the courses he took.

Transfer Account Feature

Another feature I helped design was the Transfer Account feature. This feature allows users to transfer their account from one device to another without losing their progress.The process is simple and straightforward. The user just needs to log in to their account on the new device, and the app will automatically sync their progress and data. This feature ensures that users can continue their sessions seamlessly, even if they switch devices.

Information Architecture

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B2B and SaaS Aspect of Actio Online Coaching App

In addition to providing individuals with a platform for personal growth, Actio also offers businesses the opportunity to invest in their employees' well-being. Through our B2B and SaaS services, companies can customize coaching programs to meet the unique needs of their workforce. Whether it's stress management or leadership development, Actio's online coaching app provides a cost-effective solution that can be accessed from anywhere.One example of this is our meditation feature, which allows office workers to take a 4-minute break and recharge their minds. By incorporating mindfulness into their routine, employees can improve their focus and productivity, ultimately benefiting the company as a whole.